CreatingWithin Workbook (Digital)


The CreatingWithin Workbook is a 237-page workbook and journal to help you release what no longer serves you, rediscover yourself, connect with your Higher Self and ultimately step into your personal power so you can begin to consciously create and align with your dream life. 

This workbook is broken down into three focal parts. It is essential that you start in order, with the first phase and then move on to the second and then the third. Think of this workbook-journal as your own mentorship program where each phase is designed to prepare you for the next. 


What’s inside The CreatingWithin Workbook:


Phase 1 : Unpacking & Releasing 

Phase 2 : Personal Power Activation 

Phase 3 : Alignment + Manifestation Activation 

Action Steps and Trackers 

40 Days of Synchronicity Journal 

40 Days of Gratitude Journal 

33 Days of Random Acts of Kindness  


  • The CreatingWithin Workbook ( in color )



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